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What’s 18” high, made from heavy-duty PVC, and brave enough to wear hi-visibility fluorescent orange in...

Tired of standing in the road, waving your arms? Dude, get a sign already.

This puppy meets MTO specs...

Just as awesome as the Lane Closed Sign Kit above, except it helps you move the traffic, right.

Still just as awesome as the others, except it helps you move the traffic, uh left.

When screaming “keep the hell outta here” just isn’t enough.

You can’t control the weather, but you can control the traffic.

Hold back throngs of adoring fans - or wayward cars.

It’s sassy. It’s flashy. It’s…a traffic delineator. Boasts heavy-duty PVC construction, and the sand-filled...

The supermodel version of our regular road cone stands an impressive 28” high, without heels.


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